Short stories

Below you'll find various short stories written by Patrick Mounts. Excerpts from each story can be viewed, to read the rest of any story posted simply click where it says "read more" to read the rest of that story. You are invited to browse through and read any story, leave commets or contact him with any questions.


Truth of Actions

             It was a late fall evening, the sun was saying its good bye to the land as the light slowly crept along the land like a receding tide. The wind blew a gentle tone, lifting the once dead leaves to life amongst the air currents as the danced within it. The trees have only begun to shed their first coat, the sun made the leaves glow in tones of gold as the last few rays filtered down through them to reach the eyes of one man who's life was about to change. He stopped on his journey for a moment, only long enough to look up at the rays for a brief second where his mind seemed to dwell on something for eternity and then like nothing happened he continued on his journey down the trail.

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Looking on

            I feel it as it grows, as it festers, I feel it in the depths of my very soul. It is a great evil, its true form hidden in a fog of darkness. The air was filled with a strong odor of blood and graveyard soil brought in by sweeping wind from the south, a stench that made the eyes of my companions blur with tears.

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Confessions of a Darkened Heart

I grow weary as the light goes on and I spend my life in the shadows. I feel jealousy and envious of those I seen who are embraced within the light, but they do not feel the darkness around them the same way I do.

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Coming Reflections

Here I stood, I was present but I wasn't. I saw everything and I saw nothing.
To either side of me stood my incarnations, to the left stood the angel and to the right stood the demon.

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