Patrick has always been involved in Art in one way or another “As far back as I can remember I've always had an interest in artistic mediums. I remember, in grade school, drawing sketches of swords, knights, dragons, and unseen kingdoms.

 Since that time, I have been developing my artistic skills, practicing with various mediums and sampling numerous styles. In my late teens I found my own style, a marriage between fantasy and reality.

As well as art, video games are an equal passion. I believe video games are one of the most powerful artistic mediums available, and yet it’s often not credited as being a true artistic medium. Video games provide a setting, a cast, a world, and always a journey to be undertaken. These are the same elements you’ll find in books, movies, and television. With video games however, you are engaged with the experience because the characters and the world of that game are depend upon your participation.

It is my intent to merge my two passions of art and video games and create new worlds to explore and bring life to characters that we connect with.”