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Going old school

Well it's been a very busy month with some excitement over new projects, but the excitement that I have now was returning to an old school medium. For a long time I had this idea of a landscape in my head and the more I thought about it the more I realized that it needed to be an painting in order for it to work.

The idea I had was for a mountain range landscape with a cloudy overcast and since it had been so long since I've done a painting I did little by little over time for slowly shaping it to a finished piece. I posted a preview of the progress for it a few months back showing how it was coming along at that point, so here's how it came out:

I saw this piece in my head having many shades of blue so to add to the challange of it I used only three aryclic colors in this piece, ivory black, titanium white and primary blue, all the shades in between were achieved by mixing them together. It was a pretty big challenge, was a lot of fun and one that I learned a lot from.

No previews on this posting of my other projects but I can say that I'm working on another personal acryclic painting, as well as two commissions for tole paintings on saws and I'm also excited about working on two other side projects. One is creating models to become figures and the other is being a concept artist on authors project to turn his book into a feature film. It makes things busy but also very exciting.


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