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Happy Halloween

The time is just about upon us and it always seems to come quicker each year. Halloween seems to be one of those holidays that can also really add some inspiration for imagination as well as fantasy themes. I've spent most of my weekends this month working my job and working as actor in a local haunted house and its been fun. (If you haven't guessed yet, that's me on the left!)

This month I wanted to create some kind of piece for the spirit of halloweeen and by chance, fate or the grace of god, I got the opportunity to make one that fits with the theme of halloweeen. Nevermore Productions asked me to create an old school metal album cover for their faux band in their movie "The Barn". It was a challenge to get it crafted and fun as well.

You can read more about that commission by clicking on the thumbnail below. I also uploaded a special memorandum illustration as well as another marriage coat of arms.

Happy Halloweeen Everyone!



Back at it

I can't believe how long it's been since I got a chance to update my portfolio. Life has kept me pretty busy lately and its been anything but calm with everything that's been going on. I had planned on updating and renovating my portfolio last month, but fate seemed to intervene as my laptop HDD died all of a sudden and I lost everything on it and had to start again. Luckily I had some things backed up on a flash drive so that kept me from having to go back and ask the people I did commissions for if I could get pictures of the pieces I did for them.

I also lost the graphics I was making that will change the look of my portfolio. So over the next month or so I'll be changing the layout of some sections and adding new graphics. Looking at my portfolios settings I did notice that even though it's been a while since I got a chance to update my portfolio there was still a good many visits to view my work and that's very touching and I thank you all for that.

For this update I uploaded four new pieces. One wedding portrait, two illustrations and a special calligraphy piece.



The Turn of the Tide

Wow where does the time go. When you look back sometimes you really wonder where the time you spent has gone. Since my last update I got promoted to a new position, one that I'm really enjoying and more up my alley than my previous position was. For this update I was able to upload two new pieces to my angels gallery. The piece Bound to Gaia is becoming a favorite of mine, almost as much as Angels Sorrow is. The other piece is one that I already posted, but I tried to blend old school art with new school digital art to give it a better feel.

I've also uploaded a new portrait that I did of two friends of mine for their wedding. It's been a while since I've done a portrait and it really is something that you get better with the more that you do it. It's been almost a year since my last portrait and I'm happy with how this new one came out and look forward to the next one that I do.

I've also added two new pieces in my illustrations section. They're both classic cars pieces and I apologize for the piece that has two classics in it as the resolution for that pic is pretty bad because I had to take that pic with my cell phone with the piece still in the frame, but I'll see what I can do about getting a better picture uploaded in the future. 

Currently working on finishing coloring on another piece of a female samurai and waiting to start coloring on two watercolor pieces. Also getting ready to color two fan art pieces, both of which are redesigns of some of my favorite characters. One is one of my favorite villains from when I was a kid and the other is of my favorite Ninja Turtle. Some of you might already know who that is, the others will just have to wait until it's finished.




Finally, after all these months I was able to get some things together, taken care of and organized. To sum it all up I'm finally getting some things in life organized so I can work on my art, move forward with it and yet still continue to work to support myself.

First thing I did was go through and make some changes to my portfolio, you'll notice a few subtle changes such as the layout of the galleries, which I also changed a bit and organized, and I edited my main page a bit. In the future I'll be working towards a few more changes to the site that includes adding a tutorial section, testimonials and if I can get my hands on the right equipment, perhaps even a speed vide of a painting.

This time around I uploaded seven new pieces. Four in the new Angels section, one in the portraits, one in illustration and the last was a fanart.

Currently in the works are four pieces that I'm in the middle of coloring, half a dozen sketches I'm still working on and three commissions underway, two are fantasy portraits and the other is an illustration piece. With the coming season though we'll see what develops.



Finally got a chance to update

As the title says I finally got a chance to update my portfolio. A lot has changed in the last few months some wanted and some unexpected. Shortly after my last update in January my PC crashed and I lost a lot of things including some digtal pieces that I was working on. I got her going again, but it was short lived as she just couldn't keep up anymore. I've had her for going on ten years, but I always upgraded over the years as I needed, but I decided the time had come to get a new one and sat down with a friend of mine to get a fully customized one to fit my needs that runs better than I ever imagined. Thanks to another friend I was also able to purchase a copy of Photoshop CS5 which has a lot of advancements that I wish I had in college.

Since that time, I've also acquired a new job. It's not art related, but it is one that will let me pay my bills, student loans and it's something that I've really come to enjoy. It may not be art related, but it has helped my artistic skills as a lot of my co-workers are always asking to see my latest pieces and I usually spend my lunch break working on something.

For the portfolio update there is two new pieces and a new section available. The first new piece is the latest watercolor painting that I came up with called Night Elf Assassin. It's a concept that I came up with a while ago and then made some changes then proceeded to paint it. I also tried to document it's progression, so that I could make a watercolor painting tutorial in the future if I get enough time. The second is the first of many, it's a fantasy portrait where I sketch real life people in a setting of their own choosing that they would enjoy. The one I have posted is Fantasy Halo Portrait, the concept around it was a lot of fun to play with because I used Halo as the Fantasy theme of it all, but at the same time I had to come up with a composition that would sum up their relationship as well as the personalities that they have which came out very well.

I've finally got my commissions section up and running as well so now anyone who is interested in a commission piece from me can read up on the details and the price of having it done. Currently I'm working on two commisssions for two people and in talks of a third. Check out Commissions to find out all the details.

In the coming month or two I hope to have at least two, maybe three, more pieces uploaded and I plan on changing up the organization of the pieces as well. Hopefully it will all go well for us all, until then...

Take care,


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