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Confessions of a Darkened Heart

I grow weary as the light goes on and I spend my life in the shadows. I feel jealousy and envious of those I seen who are embraced within the light, but they do not feel the darkness around them the same way I do. I live my life for others more than I do myself, yet the thing I long for more than anything else in this world and I am happy for those close to me who have it and angry towards those who abuse and misuse it. Let me not live with this for long, I pray I find thee one day and thou shalt not send me from thine sight, for I have but one heart that I might loose.

In the glowing darkness that emanates from within me I long for the light that I see beyond. I seek that which I can not take, find or buy, but only can be received. I seek the one who has the piece of me that will make me whole, I seek the light that will turn the darkness to shadows. I long for the time when I no longer feel like an undying shadow in a world of light, but taken in and embraced in the warmth it offers as it caresses my soul and I feel in those arms that this is where I truly belong and this is where my heart will beat anew. I long for that time to come….I long for that light to emerge….I long for that woman to appear.


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