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Coming Reflections

Here I stood, I was present but I wasn't. I saw everything and I saw nothing.
To either side of me stood my incarnations, to the left stood the angel and to the right stood the demon.
"You're not one of them, you're different." The demon said.
"I disagree." I replied.
"They are worthy of so much." the angel began.
"I agree." I replied.
"Your power will grow and they will want to control it." the demon added.
"I agree."
"It will consume you." the angel added.
"I disagree."
"This will become the final test of your courage." the hero said behind me as he laid his hands on my shoulders.
"I agree, this is what must come to pass." The angel glowed white with a aura of wisdom, the demon black with rage, and the hero red with a caring heart. Slowly the angel and the demon floated towards me. The light of the three intensified and unified within my body.
My vision erupted in a surge lightning with each of their colors striking me.
I opened my eyes and looked up to the star filled sky with my new eyes and stretched the two black bat like wings, line with white feathers at the base and streaks of blue running down the silk membranes of the wings.
"Now I have come to pass. Now I am reborn. Now I will take my stand as who I am."

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